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Kitchen Set Minimalis Murah Dan Bergaransi

kitchen set minimalisKitchen set minimalis or minimalist kitchen set has becomes a main utensil needed to create a small or minimalist kitchen. The size of small kitchen is usually not more than 5 x 6 meter. That small size can be seen as a wider and bigger one if you can do something and plan a right design for it. If you a busy hard worker and rarely cooking food for yourself, the minimalist kitchen set would be a great choice. Here are some designs to help you plan and decide what kind of kitchen you want to create.

Blue Decorating

Kitchen set minimalis with a touch of blue, stripped, horizontal, or vertical patterns, might be seen tidy and suitable in your 3 x 4 small sized kitchen. Blue gives a nuance of neat, clean, and sleek.

Colorful Glassware Decorating

Having colorful glassware at your super small kitchen (2 x 3) can be a good strategy for you to make your kitchen set minimalis look pretty and neat at the same time. The glassware does not need much space. This kitchen set minimalist idea is a bomb!

Elegant Decorating

Being elegant and minimalist at the same time is really possible. You can have the minimalist design, colored and dimmed in brown elegant sets with a good quality of furniture.

Wooden Decorating

Wooden kitchen set is one of a kind. The furniture or property made of wooden gives you an ambience of going back to nature. The look will be natural and unique.

Glass Decorating

For kitchen set minimalis, glass material would be a good choice. Besides sleek and neat, glass also makes your minimalist kitchen look super sparkling. You can also have an expandable table kitchen to make you easy reach anything near.

The ideas above are easy and worth to try! Kitchen set minimalis or minimalist kitchen set now could be possible be in your house!